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Top Tips

Before signing up with a Broker to sell your business we urge you to ask your potential Broker the following questions:

Q 1 How long have you been selling Cairns businesses?

BB Ans: Mike Roberts commenced selling businesses in Cairns in 1992 after spending over 20 years building and developing his own small businesses. Mike Roberts & Assoc Business Brokers developed into BizBrokers in the mid 1990’s and today remains Cairns’ leading and most respected business brokerage.

Q2 How many businesses have you sold in and around Cairns?

BB Ans: At BizBrokers we’ve now sold over 550 local businesses – so this has given us a good knowledge of the local market and its performance.

Q3 Do you have connections / affiliations with other Brokers?

BB Ans: Yes, in particular with an established Southern Broker with whom we work in collaboration, sharing knowledge, nationwide contacts, clients and listings. This gives us a huge advantage over other brokers who, in most cases, don’t have the resources to interact with other offices.

Q4 Do you market your listings on the internet?

BB Ans: Yes. Our main thrusts of internet advertising are on (the business arm of – the largest real estate site in Australia) and in our in-house BizGuide publication which currently is emailed to our extensive data base of registered buyers each week and has given us many sales over the 13 years it has been running.

Q5 Do you carry out Direct Mail / Direct Contact marketing?

BB Ans: Yes. Depending of the size and quality of the listing we recommend Direct Marketing to industry groups, Investors, Solicitors, Accountants and more. By doing this we can target the decision makers and their advisors to give them the story of your business opportunity.

Q6 Do you have contacts within the Accountancy and Legal professions of Cairns and, to a lesser degree, to those in other places around Australia to which direct marketing to target their investor clients?

BB Ans: Yes, after 21 years selling Cairns businesses we have a strong relationship with many of the local professional practitioners as well as the ability to access the data base of our associate Southern agency.

Q7 If requested, are you able to recommend, on a totally non biased basis, solicitors or accountants whom we could confidently approach re representing us in our purchase / sale of our business?

BB Ans: Yes. We have developed strong referral relationships with several solicitors and accountants over the last 20 years. We are confident of their ability to service your requirements without fear or favour and without question from us. Under no circumstances is there any financial gain or payment to BizBrokers upon any referral or recommendation made by us.

Q8 Do you have any contacts within Business Banking and Finance Broking circles in Cairns?

BB Ans: Yes. Once again we have developed a good relationship with both Business Bankers and Finance Brokers – and, again, there is absolutely no financial consideration given to BizBrokers or its’ Directors for any referrals of our clients to these institutions.

Q9 Do you think you can sell my business?

BB Ans: Yes, we are confident that BizBrokers can develop interest in your business through our proven and tried marketing campaigns – as long as you have provided us with accurate and up to date information around which we can build a presentation pack and profile.

In the selling process we see ourselves as being the unemotional, objective person between 2 emotionally involved people – the buyer and the seller. It is our task to control and deflect the emotions so we can get agreement between the parties and an end result which suits both parties.

Bizbrokers is possibly the only brokerage in Cairns using the services of a professional Profile Writer who has many years of success in writing some of the best and most successful profiles available on the market in Queensland today.

Q10 Can you sell my house?

BB Ans: No – We specialize only in the sale of businesses. Business Sales has been our forte at BizBrokers for 21 years and in that time the only residential properties we have sold have been as part of a total business / freehold package. Selling houses is a specialist arm of the Real Estate Industry and your local Real Estate Agent is a trained and skilled professional with a strong knowledge of the residential market as opposed to the business sales market – about which many real estate agents don’t have the level of expertise to get the best result for you in the marketing and sale of your business. We will confidently recommend several agents around Cairns if you require their services for a house sale.