BizBrokers Confidentiality Agreement
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Confidentiality Agreement

BizBrokers (Aust) Pty Ltd
472 Mulgrave Rd Earlville
PO Box 143,
Earlville, 4870.

Skype: bizbrokers.mikeroberts

ATTENTION: Mike Roberts

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I/We have expressed interest in considering for acquisition the above business/es.

I/We agree that:

  1. Any information supplied by BizBrokers relating to the above - listed business/es will be viewed and/or discussed only amongst myself, my family, partner/s, bank representative / financier, accountant / advisor or solicitor.
  2. No direct approach will be made to either the business owner/s or their staff. If I want a meeting it will be arranged through BizBrokers and a BizBrokers representative will conduct the meeting. I/We WILL NOT TALK TO THE OWNER, MANAGER OR STAFF OF THE BUSINESS without a Bi zBrokers representative present.
  3. By completing this Confidentiality Agreement and returning it to BizBrokers, I/We now request BizBrokers, or their representative, to contact me and to instigate a meeting / discussion regarding the above - listed business/e s, at which time further information will be provided by BizBrokers.
  4. I/We acknowledge that BizBrokers (Aust) Pty Ltd is the introducing agent and that all offers for the business, shares or property will be conducted through that office.
  5. All information materials supplied by BizBrokers will be returned to BizBrokers at the time of completion of discussions between BizBrokers and me/us.
  6. I have assessed my financial situation and acknowledge that the information being requested relates to businesses that are within my financial capability of purchasing.

Help US to help YOU achieve your goal of owning your own business. Simply complete and return the following form and we’ll then work with you to help you realize YOUR BORROWING POWER .

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( NOTE: Financiers will lend approx 70% of the unencumbered
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NOTE: Financiers will lend approx. 70% of the unencumbered value of your residential or commercial property. We can however recommend one Bank that will use this formula, then if there is a shortfall of equity the bank will look at "Cashflow Lending" which is a loan against the income producing potential of the business being considered. For the right applicant they can generally lend up to 50% of the business purchase price unsecured, with the remainder covered by way of cash or equity from you. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity just because you don’t have sufficient equity borrowing power. Talk to us – we may be able to help reach greater heights than you thought possible!

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PLEASE NOTE: The information you have provided on this form will not be provided to any person not connected with BizBrokers (Aust) Pty Ltd in their capacity as Real Estate Agents acting in the sale of the nominated business/es.

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I hereby authorize BizBrokers to send details of further Business Opportunities upon my written request and I acknowledge that any information provided in the future will be covered by the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

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