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Mövenpick Ice Cream in the heart of the Cairns Esplanade
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Our Philosophy
Our business is driven by a continuing search for gastronomic perfection that dates back to the earliest history of the brand. Everything we do is built on the skill and imagination of the Mövenpick ‘Maîtres Glaciers’ – their passion for gastronomy, their quest for the best ingredients that nature can provide, and their commitment to Swiss standards of perfection. Armed with this unique advantage, it is our goal to give our consumers and customers a degree of gourmet pleasure that has no equal in the world of ice cream.

The Mövenpick Story
Let's start with its origin, Switzerland. A country with a fusion of European influences and built on a reputation for quality and precision. Its rich landscapes of grandeur have nurtured a culture with a strong respect for the environment. This respect has also preserved traditional agricultural and production methods that deliver the unadulterated rich flavours found in Mövenpick ice cream today.

The particular savoir-faire of the Swiss in terms of milk processing and cream production is long-established and world-famous. Here, at the perfect altitude in the beautiful Swiss mountains, cows enjoy pastures with a higher herbal diversity, guaranteeing milk of the highest quality. There is a reason why the Swiss themselves are the world’s largest consumers of chocolate. They have the world’s finest quality Real Swiss Chocolate at their fingertips. Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate ice cream uses this as its core ingredient and adds a blend of first-quality cocoa and an influential element of supreme Maracaibo cocoa, creating a recipe with supreme depth of flavour. The crisp ripple adds an extra dimension of texture, breaking into crunchy shavings as you bite into it.

With such a commitment to quality and authenticity, you can understand why Mövenpick was developed by chefs, for chefs, in a small Swiss restaurant in 1960. We travel the world to select each ingredient to ensure you experience the authentic aroma and beautiful textures for an unmatched ice cream experience.

Mövenpick in the World
Mövenpick Ice Cream is own by the World’s biggest food company, Nestlé and sold in more than 40 countries worldwide through several thousand points of sale. Switzerland, UK and Russia are the three leading markets in terms of sales figures followed by Australia with 22 boutiques currently.

Ice Cream Boutiques – A World of Engaging Sensations
Consumers demand not only great products but also a quality buying experience with pure moments of pleasure from a Super Premium brand.
To emphasize its brand essence, Mövenpick Ice Cream designed an Ice Cream Boutique concept for consumers to discover the brand’s vision of excellence and learn more about its uncompromised quality and philosophy.
The Ice Cream Boutiques offer a large palette of delicious Mövenpick Ice Creams as scoops or refined desserts. In addition, a great variety of exclusively recipes with ice cream and surprising ice cream drinks will delight connoisseurs who enjoy experiencing unique culinary sensations.
Attention to details is essential for Mövenpick. From the original interior design of the Ice Cream Boutique to its delicious gourmet concept, consumers are plunged into a unique atmosphere: the distinguished world of Mövenpick mixing high quality with a true sense of chic and elegance.

Mövenpick Ice Cream Experience

Flavours to be found in the Mövenpick product range are very much a part of the European gastronomic heritage. As a consequence, Mövenpick products reflect the
very rich and different influences of Swiss, French or Italian gastronomy.
Never over-sophisticated, always revealing a subtle balance in taste sensations, Mövenpick recipes turn such prized ingredients as chocolate or vanilla into intense
taste experiences. Mövenpick products are a perfect combination of Ice Cream smoothness, added crunchiness and enduring flavour intensity provided by the purely
natural ingredients and the ripple.
Our Ice Cream scoop is conceived in the shape of a perfect sphere. This simple yet refined style embodies our personality of modern elegance and harmony. The
sphere also creates the perfect shape to deliver optimum cream consistency and flavour release.

Benefits of Mövenpick

  • Ongoing comprehensive Training of proven operation system through different stages
  • No ongoing royalties and franchise fees
  • Lifestyle choice, never start early
  • Ice cream is made in Switzerland and delivered to your boutique
  • Owned and supported by Nestlé
  • Marketing support on national and local level


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